Locanda Mossa dei Barbari

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Wellness - SPA

Cascatelle del Molino (Saturnia) and Montemerano

Here it is, it's all nature ... no human intervention, this paradise is born from the thermal stream of the Gorello that flows at a temperature of 37.5 C °, generates the cascade of sulphurous waters, which in turn creates pools natural areas in which you can immerse yourself in complete freedom. The sulphurous thermal water thanks to the presence of a particular element, namely Thermal Plankton, is characterized by the beneficial effects it has on the skin, and on the digestive, circulatory, motor and metabolic systems.

Before or after diving, why not visit the nearby village of Montemerano recently it has been included among the most beautiful villages in Italy, you can visit the Church of San Giorgio and the Art History Library where you can consult more than ten thousand volumes.

Thermal baths of San Filippo (Fosso Bianco)

An experience from another world. Along the path in the woods, near the town of the same name, you will reach impressive football formations and waterfalls that have earned the nickname "White Whale". Here, the hot water of the thermal springs meets the cold water of the river, giving it a white-blue appearance that contrasts deeply with the green of the forest, creating a truly fascinating context. Continuing to walk, you reach the other pools that form the Fosso Bianco, right next to the paid wellness center, whose pools pour hot water into the outdoor ones, further increasing the temperature.