Locanda Mossa dei Barbari

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Sustainable tourism

Our vocation, since the construction of the structure, has been paid to the utmost attention to the environmental impact that the Locanda would have on the territory.

We thus believed in all the systems that would allow us to achieve the maximum result and with our environmental sustainability program we have succeeded.

We produce electricity with our 15 KW photovoltaic system on the roof which makes our business completely independent from the point of view of energy supply.

We heat sanitary water through thermal panels that allow us to always have hot water to dedicate to our customers and others, we avoid waste by preventing the excessive and unnecessary use of boiling water for washing.

Throughout the structure you can find small bins to be dedicated to separate waste collection which is also made more efficient in the kitchens of the restaurant.

The lighting in all the gardens, in the restaurant and in the rooms is provided with LED technology

We do not use chemical fertilizers for all gardens and green maintenance.

Our culinary tradition leads to the use of zero km, organic (NO GMO) products with low use of fossil fuel.

The tablecloths used in the restaurant are completely made of biodegradable and compostable natural fiber.

We promote the local economy through the protection and enhancement of the cultural heritage of the area and the care of the territory, so that our customers can feel they have enjoyed a holiday in the name of sustainability.